DaBaby fights rapper Cam Coldheart in Louis Vuitton

DaBaby fight in louis vuitton was posted to the rappers instagram last night. Videos shows a fight between him and fellow Charlotte, North Carolina rapper Cam Coldheart. Altercation started when Dababy was crossed paths with the north carolina rapper, Cam Coldheart. The issue took place in the Louis Vuitton store. Rapper Dababy tested Cam by saying “come buy your shit, don’t be scared” That’s when fists started flying, who won is the question on everyone’s mind. Cam later appears with his pants down and nose bloodied in the last video. DaBaby’s caption reads, “When bullying Baby on the internet goes wrong.” That being said, who do you think won this fight? Cam later posted a video of a security guard stating that he had two accomplices. Cam earlier this year said DaBaby wasn’t a good representation of Charlotte. Watch the fight unfold below.


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